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Uncover savings and build a supply chain fit for growth

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"I can say with certainty that every € invested with Enabling Procurement has produced 4€ in savings, so that's a pretty nice result!"

Erik Haegeman, Retail Director, Arvesta


"We just completed a job with Enabling Procurement, and they nailed it. Their work was fast, professional, accurate, structured and added tremendous vaue to the company." 

Seb Katch, Operating Partner, L Catterton


"EP helped us realize the untapped reserves of performance within Procurement. They worked seamlessly with our teams, both in procurement and across the organization, to deliver savings in synergy with the business, and the results speak for themselves."

Sylvain Bruneau, Director of Procurement, Supply Chain and CSR, Flunch


Is it finally time to make sure you get the best possible bang for your buck from 3rd-party spend?

As heads of Procurement, we all want to maximize value creation for our company. Let's devise a solid plan to do this !

Over the past 8 years, we are proud to have :

  • helped 50+ companies worldwide realize over $450M savings
  • contributed thought leadership papers and interviews to the leading procurement publications in each of the countries we operate in
  • delivered procurement education in some of the best Universities worldwide and some of the most advanced global corporates

Enabling Procurement Managing Partner Greg Wanlin debates with France's CFO Of The Year as awarded by the country's premier CFO magazine DAF MAG

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Enabling Procurement worked quickly to assess the opportunities across our entire supply chain. They resourced the initiatives with top talent, drove the project and negotiations in a way that delivered savings while maintaining supply continuity, and built a roadmap for internal capability building."

Jeremy Bruno, COO, Kodiak Cakes


“We thought we were reasonable at Procurement until these guys showed us how it’s really done.”

Anthony Stones, CFO, Inspired Pet Nutrition



"Enabling Procurement established a range of savings within a month. It took an additional 4 months to realize the projected savings, and the targets were wildly exceeded. They even helped us save an endangered platform by themselves by alternate sourcing all the packaging materials."

David Yarmoff, SVP Operations, Cholula Hot Sauce


Uncover savings and build a supply chain fit for growth